Wednesday, April 18, 2012

E: liquid SILVER

Hey everyone! Firstly i'd like to apologise for my photo quality, if someone would like to teach me how to use my camera properly i'd greatly appreciate it.

Moving on, todays outfit is a combination of three textures; wool, knit and leather... lets call it the triple threat! Wearing all black during winter is something I do WAY to often, probably because its easy and accurately reflects my negative mood towards anything cold and windy. So today i added a bit of glam to my winter outfit with a silver knit jumper from Zara, i love this jumper because it actually looks like liquid silver, and its crazy shiny.

Loving the shit out of the 'cropped' skinny jeans trend so i rolled up the hem of my Zara wax pants just once to show some ankle, oooh how naughty of me!

Jumper from Zara, Wax pants from Zara, Wool coat from Willow, 'Castro Boot' from Rubi Shoes available here, Satchel bag from Witchery, Sunnies from The Cobra Snake

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